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Transit-Oriented Job Centers: Recentralizing Regional Job Sprawl Through Strategic Transportation and Land Use Coordination

This paper has several purposes. First, it seeks to further the argument that TOD job centers are a viable and important means to combat and reverse job sprawl. Doing so will require advancing a more comprehensive definition of TOD that considers both where people live and where people work. Second, it will look at best practices (both plans and policies) to implement TOD job centers. Because of the scope of the problem (i.e. job sprawl is occurring at a regional and even megaregional level), the most effective solutions likely require regional intervention. However, the policies available to implement these plans are at a different scale (either at a local level or the state/federal government). Therefore, the most effective plans and policies will have to address this discrepancy and identify creative ways to entice or require local jurisdictions to make land use decisions that benefit regions. Finally, suggestions will be made for how the Bay Area can regionally address job sprawl by adapting existing planning initiatives and policies.