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Denver Regional Equity Atlas

To help visualize the connections between the places people need to go and the transportation options available to them, a collaboration of nonprofits and philanthropic foundations in the Denver region has created this Regional Equity Atlas that maps out the region’s major origins and destinations in relation to the current and future transit network, emphasizing the enhanced access to opportunity that transit will provide to all of the region’s residents. The goal of this document is to help raise awareness among a wide range of stakeholders about the benefits and opportunities that a robust public transportation network can create, including how issues as housing, jobs, education and health are integrally linked to transportation. The atlas will also help establish a baseline for tracking and measuring equitable outcomes as the Denver region’s transit network is built out, and will further build the case for why the Denver region needs to focus on creating and enhancing access to opportunities through affordable transportation options and development oriented around these new transit lines.

The complete report is available at