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TOD University Curriculum

Many cities and regions throughout the nation are expanding public transportation options. As residents and workers face new transportation investments, how do they ensure these investments benefit their communities and reflect their vision? Further, as transit offers the possibility of lowering household transportation costs and offering options for truly affordable living, how can we ensure that low-income residents reap this benefit? How can communities advocate strategically for equitable Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) as they work – often for the first time - with transit agencies, local elected officials, developers and land use planning staff?

With support from the Southern California Field Office of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and in partnership with Move LA, Reconnecting America, and Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, Enterprise Community Partners presents a popular education curriculum for equitable TOD with a focus on affordable housing. This innovative curriculum has been designed as a “train the trainers” for use by nonprofit housing development agencies and community groups who are engaging in community revitalization and transit planning initiatives and involving their community residents in these efforts. The target audience is residents and community members who might be engaging in transit-oriented development (TOD) planning efforts for the first time, and translates complex terms and concepts into language everyone can understand.

While the focus of the curriculum is on TOD, many of the modules have much wider applicability in educating and engaging community residents. Each module contains interactive, hands-on activities, and can be utilized individually or combined for longer workshop sessions. Currently focused on the City of Los Angeles, the curriculum can be customized for individual communities and neighborhoods as needed. The curriculum includes presentations, talking points, and instructions for each module and is also offered in Spanish.

The curriculum offers seven individual modules

TOD 101: Introduction and Overview of TOD

Housing 101: Housing Strategies

Housing 101 offers and overview and basic introduction to affordable housing and its intersection with transportation. Includes an exercise on setting affordable housing goals for your community.

Housing 201: Housing Preservation

Housing 201 offers information on how affordable housing is potentially lost and discusses strategies for preserving affordable housing.

Housing 202: Housing Production

Jobs & Econ Dev 101: Jobs and Economic Development

Jobs and Economic Development 101 takes a look at how housing and transpiration (H+T) costs impact an individual, how transportation connects a region to major job centers and workforce development opportunities.

Planning 101: Planning Basics

Complete Streets 101: Introduction to Complete Streets