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Reconnecting America has released an impressively comprehensive survey of every metropolitan region in the US measuring a wide range of characteristics related to livability and smart growth. The survey gives grades from A to D in four areas: Living (housing and neighborhoods), working (proximity and access to jobs), moving (walkability and transit), and thriving (health and culture). ... The real value of this report, called Are We There Yet?, is in drilling down to data from individual metro areas, where there are many surprises.
Robert Steuteville
Better! Cities & Towns
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Our experience working with Reconnecting America was excellent. Chris Yake and Bill Sadler brought us some great ideas that are being directly applied in our sustainability planning. The data driven methods that they exposed us to are exactly what we needed to assess our region and make recommendations for improved transportation options.
Kenneth Yarrow
Gulf Regional Planning Commission
Gulfport, MS

Transit analysts Reconnecting America and the Denver equity coalition Mile High Connects have released an impressive compendium of maps and research showing how expansion of that city’s transit system could bring major opportunity to traditionally underserved populations – if local agencies take the necessary steps to prepare and coordinate. Called the Denver Regional Equity Atlas, the data-rich report is among the more sophisticated uses of GIS mapping that I have seen. (Read more)
Kaid Benfield
Natural Resources Defense Council

"Where we live matters." [Reconnecting America] A Washington, D.C. based non-profit that advises civic leaders on how to create better communities for all. Particularly strong on transit-oriented development. Jeff Wood's daily email and web newsletter, The Other Side of the Tracks, is an invaluable round-up of transit, rail, and urbanism related news stories.
Taras Gresco,