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What We Do

At Reconnecting America, we help transform promising ideas into thriving communities, where transportation choices make it easy to get from place to place, where businesses flourish, and where people from all walks of life can afford to live, work and visit. At Reconnecting America, we link people to the places that matter.

Reconnecting America is a national nonprofit that advises civic and community leaders on how to overcome the challenges associated with community development, to create better communities for all. Reconnecting America not only develops research and innovate public policy, but we also build on-the-ground partnerships and convene the players necessary to accelerate decision-making.

The community where we live holds a special place in our hearts. Some of us still live in the same neighborhood – or even the same home – where our family has had roots for generations. Some of us choose a community with an eye toward a new beginning – like a new job or starting a family. Where we live matters.

Our communities can also be challenging places to live. It seems like we can’t get anywhere without getting into a car. When we do, we often get stuck in traffic. We can’t even grab a carton of milk without navigating through a maze of stoplights and traffic fumes. There are few places where our kids can ride bikes or play, or where we can take the new baby on a walk in a stroller. Public transportation often doesn’t come close enough to our neighborhoods. It doesn’t take us where we want to go. Or it simply doesn’t exist. Those trying to make our communities better places to live, like mayors and civic leaders, often hit roadblocks. They lack technical expertise. Or they run up against community opposition or excessive red tape.

Reconnecting America is the managing partner of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development, the only national nonprofit effort funded by Congress to promote best practices in transit-oriented development. Reconnecting America is also a founding partner of Transportation for America, a broad coalition of housing, environmental, equal opportunity, public health, urban planning, transportation and other organizations focused on creating a 21st century national transportation program.